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  • My first interview!

    I'm still a bit surprised because I have never given an interview, but Rita Lee Chapman was kind enough to feature me on her Guest Author Page. You can read the whole interview on for the rest of this week.

  • Free excerpt in honour of the first 50 copies sold!

    This would be a good moment to examine the main character of our story. At this moment, he’s sitting on the edge of town a few hundred yards from Filshbirn’s Garage, staring ahead and letting his mind wander a bit. This is very unusual behaviour for his particular species, which isn’t known for their deep thoughts. Or any thoughts, for that matter. The explosion was loud enough to stir his interest but far enough away to make it sound safe: despite their natural lack of inquisitiveness, Halikarnassians were able to learn. In recent years they learned that an explosion could be painful if you were standing too close to one. The Halikarnassian turned ...

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  • Finally!

    Spring is here, oh sa-pring is here! 'Native' is now finally available for purchase.

    Since I had to celebrate that, combined with us yesterday celebrating my birthday, combined with my laptop giving me problems logging in, this led to me not being able to shout from the rooftops that my wild story now finally appeared as a real book.

    Therefor, I'll keep it short: 'Native' is available now.

    I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoy what remains of the weekend.


  • Eindelijk!

    Vrijdag 22 januari 2019 was het dan zover: eindelijk ligt 'Native' in de winkel.

    En aangezien dat uiteraard gevierd moest worden, en ik gisteren mijn verjaardag ook heb gevierd, plus het feit dat mijn laptop wat problemen had, leidde één en ander er toe dat ik pas vandaag weer enigszins boven water ben en niet eerder uitbundig verkondigde dat mijn wilde verhaal nu eindelijk in boekvorm is verschenen.

    Ik hou het dan ook kort: 'Native' is uit!

    Ik hoop dat de lezer van het verhaal geniet, zoals ik nog lekker even geniet van dit weekend.

  • Sneak peek part II

    She nodded, and examined the star maps again.

    ‘I doubt you wanted to tell me just this. So out with it.’

    ‘Err… yes. What I really want to know is why I had to come with you?’

    She looked up and raised her eyebrow again.

    ‘You are a bit slow, aren’t you? I’ll try to explain it using small words,’ she said, mockingly: ‘We are pirates. Ap-pa-rent-ly your pla-net is made of a very va-lu-a-ble mi-ne-ral called Calm-ci-um. Are you still following this, native?’

    ‘Yes-Cap-tain,’ B’ork said, without thinking. The girl gave him the briefest of smiles. ...

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